Alice Graham, Section Editor

Mr. Albert Gutierrez is a new teacher here at Fremont Middle school. He came to Fremont when times were hard because of the virus Covid-19. So he had to adjust to how school is now just like how the students have had to over the last year.

Mr. Gutierrez teaches 6th-grade wellness and P.E. He said “I chose to teach Wellness because in college I was a T.A. [Teachers Assistant] I was an assistant and I saw how cool P.E. was so it switched my focus from being a bilingual teacher to teaching wellness.”

Mr. Gutierrez came to Fremont by chance and graduated college right when the Covid hit and he went looking for a job and he found one at Fremont and now he’s here. Both of them like Fremont so far and how everyone here is nice and how the students behave.

A fun fact about Mr. Gutierrez is that he met Kobe Byant when he was a kid. He also got his degree at Concordia University.