Battle of the Books

Seira Lee, Section Editor

Battle of the Books started last month at Fremont Middle School. With Covid-19 still being present in our everyday lives the club had to adapt. In an interview, the advisor, Mrs. Terhune, explained how the pandemic is affecting the club. The Battle of the Books meetings and competitions are online. This is all taking place in an app called Zoom. Mrs. Terhune said that as an advisor she facilitates the meeting and encourages the students of Fremont to join the club.

Fremont student, Skylar Knox, is a part of the club and shares her experience. Currently, there are no competitions and the meetings are in a book club-like style. “We all read the same book all the way through then discuss it instead of reading books independently.” She also says the best part is being able to talk about books with other kids. Many of them are able to find similarities in the things they like. When it comes to Battle of the Books, challenges are minimal. Skylar Knox mentioned how she has to fit reading books into her daily schedule but she manages.

Both interviewees expressed their enjoyment when it comes to being in Battle of the Books. Whether it is the opportunity to read books with friends or just enjoying the job.