2019 Walk-A-Thon: Is it Great or Will it Deflate?

Amara Garcia and Emma Sorenson

This year’s 2019 Walk-A-Thon was held on October 4. Students were able to choose to participate and bring in money for the fundraiser. Money raised went out to our local veterans, and this year’s goal was 10,000 dollars. It seems that this year’s Walk-A-Thon went well. “We went 2,200 dollars over our goal.” said Leadership teacher, Mr. Hoque, “Whenever we raise over 10,000 dollars we consider it as a good year.” At the end of the day of the Walk-A-Thon, money raised totaled to 12,200 dollars. 

An eighth grade leadership student by the name of Layla Serrato said  “It’s important to think of others. I like doing things for our school.” Leadership enjoys doing this every year because of the outcome. Mr. Hoque stated, “My favorite part has to be appreciating all the  people who brought in money because 10% of the money goes out to our local veterans.” Students who participated got otter pops or soda at the Walk-A-Thon, and the class that brought in the most money received a donut party.   

Leadership hosts the Walk-A-Thon every year but last year they struggled to meet their goals. Mr. Hoque said, “It was about the same as last year, but we were a little under.” Leadership still managed to meet their goal of 10,000 dollars, but just barely. All the people who donated money were greatly appreciated.