When You’re Inconsiderate And Careless And Forgot A Gift….

Trinity Whitley, Section Editor

It’s the Valentine season and nobody could care less. Nobody really has anyone to buy anything for, so what’s the point? They say love’s in the air, but we’re just not smelling it. The only stench filling our nostrils is the bitter fume of loneliness. Everyone thinks life’s all gone to the trash until there’s a card delivered to their mailbox! It’s covered in glitter and pink ribbon! Who could the secret admirer be? They look at the front eagerly… and realize it’s from mom. Now there’s a gift to buy and an explanation to give to mom about why she was forgotten. This season just keeps getting worse.

Also looking for some last minute gifts? Find them here for a low budget and little time.

Dollar Tree. Where we spent our childhood wandering the aisles of endless possibilities, gaping at the cheap candy and rainbow pencils. Everything for a dollar and under, right at our fingertips! Including a wide variety of outdated- but delicious- Valentine’s themed chocolates and fake flowers, this store is a short drive off the freeway and all items can be purchased for a dollar and under.

Ah, Wal-Mart. The butt of all my family’s jokes. Although the rumors of pajama clad ladies and dirty small children may be true,  it’s what we have to deal with. Karma is real and it does bite back… even if it’s in the form of angry grocery store managers in blue vests. Wal-Mart has a whole aisle dedicated to this very time of the year. It may be strewn and destroyed, but pick a mug out of the wreckage and rewrap it.

Last but not least, T-Mart, also known as that one minimart all the annoying kids go to after school and in between basketball games. But there’s candy there and candy is associated with Valentine’s Day… I don’t know, I’m sure there’s some pink peach rings to find and cover in heart stickers.

It’s never too late to find a gift for Valentine’s Day! But it is really careless, rude, and inconsiderate to show the only person that matters this season some love with a cracked mug and a Japanese translated Bible.