8th Grade Volleyball

Kennedy Baylis Hines, Section Reporter

On August 21, 2017, the eighth grade volleyball tryouts were held. Only about ten girls made a team, even though 23 girls tried out. The girls started practicing the day after they found out they were selected. Volleyball practice went on for about a week and then school started.

Eighth Grade Blue had a home game on the first day of school. They both played Jolane Red and won. So far, the team has only lost only 1 game. They lost to Sutherlin. The coach of Eighth Grade Blue is Arwyn Buller. According to Mallory Malysz, a player on the team, her position is hiter “the thing that I like about volleyball is team spirit and my favorite thing to do is hit.”

Eighth Grade Gold had their first game on the second day of school. They traveled to JoLane to play JoLane Red. Just like Eighth Grade Gold they won. Gold has also only lost one game. The coach of Eighth Grade Gold is Karen Smith. According to Micah Lake “the most difficult thing is talking and my  favorite thing is diving.”Kylee Carpenter said, “I have been playing for six years, and the position that I play is setter.”

They players on Eighth Grade Blue are Isabella Denn #9, Jaden Edwards #1, Kamryn Hartford #13, Mallory Malysz #2, Tiffany Mansfield #6, Shyla Mead #5, Kaydence Schwender #10, Kambria Stone #12, Alannah Thennes #7, Jaden Warmouth #8, Tylar Williams #11, and Kenedi Wisby #3.


The players on the Gold team are Stephanie Blix #1, Kylee Carpenter #8, Chelsea Miller #10, Peyton Stoffoul #9, Tara Gausnell #12, Mariah George #7, Savanna Hale #2, Micah Lake #3, Shannon Mason #5, Maddison Mendoza #11, and Kaitlynn Radford #4.