A New Song in Choir

Kyla Funner, Section Editor

Free Voice Choir is going to start singing the national anthem at all the Fremont Middle School sport games. This will start on the first game in January 2020.

Mrs. Duckworth said that rehearsal has been awesome and that when the kids come to class they come to class to have fun, not because they have to. Mrs. Duckworth and Free Voice Choir is super excited about doing this because as Mrs. Duckworth thinks, “There’s a big gap between arts and sports”. She wants to bridge that gap.

Mrs. Duckworth is very confident in her class. They have been super focused, there’s no issues in class, and they’re working together.

Mrs. Duckworth said, “Choir has their own little bubble where they go to concerts and just sing so this is just to have people know like ‘Hey we have a choir!’ And if kids want to join they can.”

Free Voice is a choir where the students pick what songs they would like to sing. Free Voice also get to go to festivals and get scored on their performances.If you would like to join choir you may go talk to Mrs. Duckworth in room 30 she would love to talk to anyone who wants to join.