Adventures in Band


Amara Garcia, Section Editor

Down in the Band room, things are heating up. Mr. Hansen and his different bands are playing some interesting pieces of music. They practice every single day and continue to learn new songs. It’s a great learning experience for young people interested in music. Mr. Hansen states, “It makes you smarter, and you get to experience playing every day. People who have musical talent or just like playing music are always encouraged to join band.” Giving encouragement to someone who is talented is a good thing to do because it builds their confidence. 

If you are deciding on joining band, you will have some responsibilities. Some examples include bringing your music and instrument to class every day, showing up to concerts on time, and being dressed properly at the concerts. Approaching fast is their next concert. Mr. Hansen’s classes are always trying to find ways to improve. According to Mr. Hansen, “Our first concert went really well and we have our next concert in a couple of weeks. We always strive to do better than before and there is always something to work on.” If you are interested in going to their next concert, it will be held on January 21, 2020.

Some people are very excited to be in band, but they tend to get off topic and talk to their friends about their social lives. But Mr. Hansen always finds a way to get people back on track. He states, “It’s always a challenge to teach young students who are excited with their social lives. They are all good kids though.” It usually takes a minute or two to get back on task. It is a little late to join band right now, but if you are still interested next year, Mr. Hansen always encourages people to join. There are many different pieces of music to play and learn. It gets more challenging over time, but with practice you will get better.