AirPods Can Do WHAT


Lilly Macias, Section Reporter

AirPods are all the rage. AirPods are new wireless headphones by Apple.They cost $160. They have been taking over Fremont as we know it. But do we really know AirPods as well as we think we do?

Because AirPods are wireless, Bluetooth is the only way to connect them. Bluetooth is a radiation wave. When putting in wireless headphones in you are making it easier for the radiation to get to gullible organs. Because of these radiation waves this could cause irreversible brain damage.According to Digital Music News ‘’…Including an erosion of the blood brain barrier.’’ The blood brain barrier is critical to keeping toxins out of the brain.

Kids at Fremont have different ways of using AirPods; these are some of the ways. Since AirPods are wireless, it’s easier to hid them during class. Students with long hair can hide them, making them nearly unnoticeable. Teachers and parents alike who have kids are having similar problems with kids. Kids will wear them to annoy parents or teachers.

With this in mind please be careful products like this. This product may fatal.