An Extra Day of School?

Catelynrose Hardin, Section Reporter

Remember when we had a week off of school due to the snow in February? People are saying that we shouldn’t have an extra day of school to make up for it. Making up an extra day of school is important for many reasons and one is that it can affect our learning and future.

We go to school for ten months a year, five days a week, and eight hours a day, and if we unexpectedly lose a day due to the weather then it can slow us down. In school, students learn and review new untold topics to get them to the level they need to be everyday. A single class period only lasts about an hour and five minutes. Teaching one class how to do the subject they are learning and reviewing in one class period it isn’t enough time. That is why teachers stress over the amount of time given. According to Attendance Works, “Missing just two days a month—eighteen days a school year—can drastically affect a student’s academic success.” So if we were to lose a week of school, we would’ve lost about forty hours of learning.

In Roseburg every one of four students will drop out of high school according to statistics. That is twenty five percent of the population at the high school. Schools are trying to reduce that rate, so that is why whenever a day is cancelled, we make up a day. Students must attend school for a certain amount of days. If they don’t reach that amount then they didn’t learn their curriculum. Even if we do make up a day it won’t really feel like anything has changed.

Us students are thinking about what is happening at the moment and not about what can happen in our future. Yes we are a bit too young to plan out what college we will go to, or what our job will be because there are many things that can happen if we aren’t ready, this is why teachers are teaching us the subjects we will need and exposing us to things we might want to do. Making up days is important so that one day we will have developed enough skills to plan and live out our adult lives.