Are there tiny people on atoms?

Issac Webb, Section Reporter

Are there tiny people on atoms? Personally I don’t feel like there are. Even if someone took a bunch of magnifying glasses and put them on a speck of dirt, sand or maybe a snowflake, there would be no sign of people living on them.
Now maybe you’re young and reading this article and saying, “But Dr.Seuss wrote Horton Hears a Who and How the Grinch Stole Christmas” But those books are fiction, so they’re fake.

There’s also another theory that atoms are tiny solar systems, but that also helps this theory be disproved. “Studies in the Quantum Mechanics have shown that at the quantum or atomic level there are rules of physics that restrict the activities or appearances that aren’t allowed on a larger scale” says
There’s also a theory that we’re the small people on atoms. “In our universe which is 3 dimensional we have black holes which are 2 dimensional, so there is a thought that our universe may in the event horizon of a black hole in a 4 dimensional universe” says Aravinth Solai on Quora.
So if you believe that theory, then it might be true, but I’m kind of doubting it. There’s also a theory from the BBC that the earth isn’t made of atoms, but of other things. If it was true, then maybe it’s made of strong tiny organisms, but I’m also doubting that theory.

Over all, it’s up to everyone’s own mind. Whether someone believes these theories or not, they should keep studying the evidence that proves their position.