Attendance Parties


Aly McNett , Section Reporter

Every month John C. Fremont hosts attendance parties for the students at the school. These attendance parties however, are only available to those who show up to school every day in a month. They use different themes every party connecting to holidays that occur during that month. Here are some important details about these attendance parties.

During an interview with Mr. Hughes the question of why the attendance parties were created was asked.  Last year 29% of students were absent and missed 10% of the school year. These parties are to reward students that come to school every day and motivate students to come to school. Each attendance party has a different theme to keep kids interested in coming to school.  They are always open for suggestions of the themes of these parties however Mr. Hughes and Mrs. Howington chose the theme of them usually.  

The school also offers attendance goals for students who are at risk for chronic absences.  Chronic absences are students who miss 18 or more days of school. These goals are monthly and give rewards if you complete them.  They were made to help motivate students to come to school and help build a teacher-student relationship. Teachers can decide if a student should be put on an attendance goal and that teacher helps them to make it.  

Mr. Hughes said going to bed at a decent time, striving to get eight hours of sleep, can help increase your school attendance.  School should be treated like it is your first job according to Mr. Hughes. Fremont has already beat last years attendance rates and these parties help motivate kids to keep coming.  So keep doing your part to help Fremont and come to school!