Band vs. COVID-19

Dallin Shumway, Section Reporter

School has had to be very different because of the covid-19 virus. Throughout all of this, some people are probably wondering, how is band class still happening? What’s different about it?

Band has been very different during covid-19. To prevent anyone from getting sick, band students are wiping down desks, chairs, and music stands, and being distanced while playing. They also play outside so they can be more distanced. So far, the precautions the school has been taking are working. There has not yet been a positive case of Covid-19 at Fremont. 

Students continue to have lots of fun in band class despite these confusing times. When asked how the band is going, percussionist and drummer Amina Clark responded “It’s going good. Just about as good as can be expected with the whole online thing.” Concert band flutist Addison Reneau says her favorite part about the band is “Being able to play together as a band again after not being able to for a long time.” Many band members have certainly enjoyed playing together again. The band spends the first half of class practicing their music outside. They then go inside and make body percussion compositions. When asked to describe his experience with the band this past year, french horn and trumpet player Aaron Winn says “It was slow progress at first, and then we got to go to in person school and that was more fun. I am looking forward to continuing with the band in the spring.” 

However, you can’t expect everything to be perfect. When asked if she feels people are learning less because of COVID-19, Amina Clark responds  saying, “Yes, a little bit because we can’t play a lot in person. There are only two days a week we can be in person. I feel like people are learning less than they would normally, but it is as good as can be expected. If I could change one thing about the band I would change the playing outside to playing inside”. Addison Reneau and Aaron Winn agree. Addison says, “Playing inside with special masks for our instruments would be great.”

Amina Clark feels like “The hardest thing (in band) is probably recording yourself playing. A lot of people have trouble with it.”  However, the overall band is going quite well. Addison recommends doing band because “It is a lot of fun and you can learn music and to play different instruments.” Band is coping with this pandemic very nicely!