Bentea Taped to the Wall

Starling Brooks, Section Editor

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Talk about a sticky situation! Fremont Middle School students and the Fremont Leadership class managed to raise up to $9,000.00 for the UCAN food drive back in December. In return, on February 3, 2017, Mr. Bentea was taped to the wall using 5 rolls of duct tape. Don’t worry, he was only taped to the wall for ten minutes. And no, the staff did not just leave him there, rest assured for those students who were curious.

Leadership’s original idea was for Mr. Walker to wear a dress if the school raised a certain amount of money, but he politely declined. So Plan B was taping Mr.Bentea to the cafeteria wall, which he happily agreed to do because he thought it was an “awesome idea.” Students flocked to the spot to see our Principal taped to the wall, taking pictures and probably laughing at how ridiculous the entire event was. Because he was such a good sport about his situation, making faces for all the students’ pictures, I think we can all depend on Mr. Bentea for more fun events like this for years to come.