Blocked and Reported

Blocked and Reported

Trinity Whitley, Section Reporter

YouTube is dead. As ironic as it sounds, it’s true. YouTubers are losing views and subscribers, and those who were once popular are now begging viewers to tap the notification button (YouTube’s newest feature, needed to get views back up again). Not only are YouTubers going downhill, the YouTube server has been crashing more often and is down for many users. Kiss Storytimes and Onision drama goodbye- you might not see it again.

No one knows why views are going down or why all social media apps seem to be dying, but we’re bound to fix it. It’s really one of the only ways to entertain ourselves besides go outside–heaven forbid. Here are some YouTubers to check out. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!


  1. itsbobbymares
  2. Social Repose
  3. KianAndJc
  4. Manny MUA
  5. Joey Kidney
  6. Johnnie Guilbert
  7. Connor Franta
  8. SayWeCanFly
  9. ybnotv
  10. ultraviolentmakeup
  11. Trevor Moran
  12. benn catalano
  13. Billiedawnwebb

YouTube is a vast space with an endless amount of videos people can waste time on. Don’t let it go away.