Blue and Gold Volleyball Teams Rival for the Win

Kyndall Nunley and Abigail Moan

On October 17th, the final volleyball game of the season took place. In both 7th and 8th grades, the Fremont Blue and Gold teams went against each other, fighting for the win to prove who is the better team. 

According to RyAne Bustamante from the Seventh Grade Gold team the game was, “stressful,” and a lot of girls ended up crying, but, “Blue played as a team,” and that pushed Gold to want to play as a team again next season. 

Dakota Coffman from Seventh Grade Blue added that it gave them, “a lot more confidence. We thought we had it at the beginning. It definitely gave us a boost in volleyball in general.”

From Eighth Grade Gold, Ashley Bolen claimed that, “We’ve lost before so it didn’t really affect us. It mainly affected Blue in my opinion because they were saying that if they won us, then they would’ve won every team. I mean we were disappointed and not happy but it was still fun.” 

In the end, both Blue teams won the last game. Throughout the whole season, Seventh Grade Gold lost 2 and won 10 games, Eighth Grade Blue lost 2 and won 10, Eighth Grade Gold lost 4 and won 8. Both Blue, and Gold did really good throughout the season and should be proud!