Book Review: They Both Die at the End


Alice Graham, Editor

They Both Die at the End By Adam Silvera centers around the two main characters Mateo and Rufus. They both get a call from Death-Cast finding out they have less than 24 hours to live. For separate reasons they both find themselves on an app to find a friend for your last day, Last Friend. Now they both set out on an adventure, living a lifetime in one day.

A low point of this book is the set up of background information. I mean, I get we need background information but I think they explain some of the wrong things. I do wish they explained more of how the Death-Cast works or how it came to be. With more background information it could make it make a bit more sense and not just tell us to go along with it.

On the other side, one high point is how he tells the story. It’s these two boys who have never met one another but find each other on their last day alive. It helps set the scene that the other one is what the other needs in life, but it was too late to get it. The use of other characters’ point of views is a very good thing; it helps connect the whole story together. Everyone’s night is connected in a way that shapes everyone for that one night.

For the audience appeal, the target audience is 14 to 17. I think that it hits this target pretty well because it is designed for teens to enjoy and love. I also think that people from other age groups can also enjoy this book and love it. The mass appeal would probably be anywhere from 14 to 26. One age may enjoy it more than another but it has an appeal for multiple people.

For my opinion, I think I would recommend this book because it has a great story and loving characters. I differently liked how the author made the characters all connect into one big story that involves the main characters. The rating I would give it would be a ⅘ while it has some low points it is mostly filled with high. That makes me give it a ⅘, it is definitely one of my favorites.