Books Or Movies

Kennady Christensen, Section Reporter


Some people will say that the movies are better than books, while others will say that the books are better. What is actually better? Books or movies?

Books have a lot more details than the movies do; that’s because a movie’s run-time is limited, but books can be as long as necessary. Books can have a minimum of 24 pages, or more than 1000 pages. Movies on the other hand can have a maximum of 240 minutes, which is about 4 hours.

Some people will argue that movies are better, because a page of text doesn’t look very interesting, and being able to just see what is happening doesn’t require much skill. Also movies tend to make the moment more exciting when it comes to action scenes, while books usually don’t come with action music.

Movies and books both have a downside, though. If someone reads a book and then watches the movie they may be disappointed, because that’s not how they imagined it! Or they don’t like that something that happened in the book was left out of the movie. Books can also have a downside, because they take too long to read, or the character wasn’t described correctly. Sometimes, the book in general was just too cluttered while the movie was better.

In my opinion, the book is usually my favorite, but there are cases where I have liked the movie better. To answer the question about books or movie, I think both are great. It just depends on the book or the movie.