Boy’s Basketball at Fremont

This Basketball season has been an eventful ride. Both teams, blue and gold, have won most of their games.  The Fremont General Outlook interviewed some of the talented players and asked them to reflect on their season. 

Eighth grader, Jackson Frasnelly is on the gold team.  He loves playing basketball and says he will definitely keep playing throughout high school. He says he started getting serious about playing basketball in the sixth grade because it was something he always loved to do.  He signed up for basketball when he was in second grade and has never stopped. He says the hardest thing about playing basketball is conditioning. He says the easiest part is the different plays they do. When preparing for a game, Frasnelly makes sure he doesn’t fill up on food, and drinks plenty of water.  He says his most memorable moment from this season was winning against JoLane by around 30 points. Even though they worked hard, Frasnelly claims Winston was by far the toughest game they’ve had.  

Eighth grader, Zander Littlefield is on the blue team. Littlefield has been playing since he was six, and plans to try and play through highschool. He said his favorite part of this season was hanging out and making jokes with his teammates on the bench. He followed by saying his favorite memory of this season was when teammate Keegan Carpenter hit a buzzer beater against Jolane red. Littlefield said the hardest part of playing is shooting because defense is easier for him. Unlike teammate Frasnelly, Littlefield says to prepare for game he “eats some cereal.” All in all, this season was pretty good for the boys and they are looking forward to next season.

The seventh grade boys also had a suspenseful season this year, full of many wins and losses that taught our team good sportsmanship and work ethic. They have been practicing for a long time, seventh grade player, Uli Sanches told us that he started playing when he was in, “third grade.” Meaning he was 7 or 8 at the time.

 Every one of them started for a different reason take Easton Cantrell for example, he started because it seemed fun  but now he’s invested in every game he plays. The season also went really good but the hardest thing he did was dribbling he said the season went well because he had a lot of wins.  

All in all, this season was pretty good for the boys. They are looking forward to next season and ready to support the girls during their upcoming season.