Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club

Chloe Garcia, Section Editor

The local Boys and Girls Club has been very popular and convenient for many. On a regular basis they would have around 360 children a day, but now with this pandemic they can only have 100 children a day which is putting many on a waiting list.

They have been struggling to find employees. They realized that it was fast food businesses pulling the people away with higher pay, so they started adjusting. They noticed that the Taco Bell down the street was hiring for 14.25 an hour and they realized that their minimum wage wasn’t going to cut it anymore. They currently only have 30 staff members, but need more to be able to provide service for more families.

I know that many families have been waiting months for their child to have somewhere to go while they work. But now if they get more staff, those families will be able to know that their student is going to be under supervision under an adult’s care until the parents come and pick up their kid. There is still a chance that this may not happen but if it does I know that many people will be happy and will get to go back to work and not have to worry about their students. 


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