Brian’s Book Review

Brian Powell, Section Editor

It’s out for all students who love reading great books

Looking for a good book? We have all the best, recommended, and most popular books right in our Fremont Library for all to read. Read on for more information.

Most Popular Book: This book is the most commonly checked out book from our library. The Hunger Games is one of the most popular books, it is full of action from the start. It is a dystopian novel (meaning that it is set in a bad time or place), but I won’t spoil it; go read this book and get into the adventure.

Librarian’s Choice: Mrs. Wilton favors the Ranger’s Apprentice series as her favorite. The adventure travels through twelve exciting, action-packed books. Check them out now to get the full story.

Students’ Choice: An interview from our librarian reveals what book she believes students enjoy the most. The Maze Runner wins the prize as another dystopian book that has a surprising story behind the cover. Go to our library to check out this book.

For all students looking for a good book, I hope everyone checks out something from our library, which contains so many stories for students to discover. Leave comments on our online website about a favorite book or vote on one in our online poll. I will take this into account so I can update and help more students find the best, most favored book.