Carmen Felgentrager, Editor-in-Chief

At Roseburg High School, freshman for the 2019-2020 school year tried out. There were two divisions: varsity and junior varsity. About fifty people tried out for cheerleading and eleven people got cut and a few decided they actually did not want to be a cheerleader. There is now thirty five girls on boys on both the varsity and junior varsity squads: fourteen on varsity and twenty one on junior varsity.

Wyatt Mills is on the junior varsity team along with Daniella Ellison and Courtney Sheirls. This is Wyatt’s first year of cheer and he is excited about going to competitions. He enjoys meeting new people through cheer and hanging out with different people. Wyatt, Courtney, and Daniella are all bases. Courtney has been cheering for almost 12 years and she says, “In highschool, I’m most looking forward to being with new people.” Courtney and Daniella both  enjoy stunting most of all. Daniella has been doing cheer and cheer camps for three years. Daniella says, “I am excited to cheer at the highschool football games.”

The varsity cheer coach is Julie Burri. Only one eighth grader from Fremont made the Varsity team. It was Brooke Jeffers. The rest of the varsity squad includes, Alexia Marks, Lexi Renaeu, Olivia Barlow, Ali Wright, Marina Olsen, Ramsey Todd, Amanda Kelley, Sheridan Bonnell, Kenedi Wisby, Bryanna Witcher, Cara, Kayla, Kaylie York,

The junior varsity coach is Jenna Jarvinen. This team includes Kamryn Hartford, Wyatt Mills, Makayla Sandidge, Harlee Pasquinelli, Kayden Mosher, Maya Mannen, Courtney Sheirls, Claire Cooper, Chloe Michael, Kristen Ramirez, Lacey Rathsack, Yajirrah Alvarado, Kara Sivik, Morgan Allen, Danielle Bolen, Jazmine Duncan, Mikayla Exceen, Karli Daugherty, and Daniella Ellison.