Chess Club


Ryne Wilson, Section Editor

Recently in Fremont, a new club has started up–the Chess Club. The Chess Club meets every Thursday in the Library from 2:30-3:15 PM after school to get together and play chess. There’s nothing else that the group does except socialize and play chess with each other. All of the current members know how to play, and so there’s no real lectures or anything–just casual games of chess.

There are roughly 15 people in the chess club, and everybody enjoys themselves while playing. At the first meeting, meals were provided, and everybody was able to eat and drink while they faced off against each other. Some members were able to play with their friends, while others got acquainted with some of their lesser known peers. Regardless, the library was full of laughter and conversation, and both the novices and veterans at the game had plenty of fun playing together.

Owen Douglas, a 6th grader who is a member of the club, stated that he “likes the strategies, and the way you feel like a God telling the pieces where to go.” He avidly enjoys playing chess, and his approaches to it are unique, as are all of the tactics that each and every chess member brings to the club.

To conclude, the Chess Club is simply just a school organization where kids can get together with each other, play chess, and have fun. If you already know how to play chess, or even are slightly interested in it, you should definitely come and hang out with the rest of the club. It provides an experience and opportunity to meet good people that you do not want to pass up.