Craft Club


Catelynrose Hardin, Editor-in-Chief

Craft Club is run by Mrs. Ibarra and Mrs. Goldenberg and they meet in Mrs. Ibarra’s room at 2:30 to 3:30 every Monday. Craft Club became a thing because Mrs. Ibarra and Mrs. Goldenberg were talking about how they both like to knit and crochet so they should start a club, but not just make it become a knitting and crocheting club, so Craft Club is what they decided on. It is free and anyone in all grade levels are welcomed to come. If someone suggests a craft they would like to do, they will try to do it in the future.

 When a holiday is around the corner, they do seasonal crafts. Around Christmas, they made scarfs, painted mugs, and coasters. Mrs. Ibarra’s favorite craft was origami boxes for Thanksgiving.  Craft Club is also different from art class. People don’t get graded and they do new crafts every week to learn new skills. Some skills people can learn are knitting, crocheting, and basic sewing skills. They worked on a project to help Australian wildlife because of the fire that occurred. Mrs. Ibarra and Mrs. Goldenberg had people cut out material and sew them together for the animals that were affected.

Alex Hernandez attends Craft Club because it is really fun and keeps her occupied. She says, “What keeps me motivated to go is my imagination, and my love for arts and crafts.” Alex states that she has made a few new friends and got closer to old friends in it too, she also learned how to crochet because of it. Craft Club is a fun club to meet new people, an opportunity to learn new things, and explore imagination, and anyone is welcomed!