Cribbage Returns! An Interview With Mrs. Grauer


Rocco Brand, Section Reporter

Rocco: Why did you start to do cribbage?

Mrs. Grauer: I love cribbage and want to give kids a new hobby while directing them away from tech.

R: How many people do Cribbage?

Mrs. G: It really depends, pre-Covid there was around 20-35 students. Now there are about 7-13.

R: What is the difference between Cribbage and other sports?

Mrs. G: It simply uses your mind.

R: How does teaching Cribbage go?

Mrs. G: We teach a rule at the time and if kids are ready we will teach them more.

R: Are there a lot of teachers / helpers?

Mrs. G: There are a lot of helpers this year, one of them being the #1 cribbage player in the world. Normally it’s community members.

R: Do you think that the Cribbage program will keep going?

Mrs. G: As long as I’m here. Even when I retire I will come and help teach it.

Rocco: What is the average time the Cribbage game goes on for?

Mrs. Grauer: If it’s a kid versus a kid it’s normally an hour or so.