Levi Shumway, Section Reporter

Students that go to Fremont Middle School have probably heard a lot of “don’t be bad!” in the hallways or even in class. Don’t Be Bad was created at the beginning of this school year by Brian Powell and Levi Shumway. They have been saying it all year, but only recently has it gotten serious.
As recently as April 10, a petition was created by the student body to change the motto of Fremont Middle School from “Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible” to “Don’t Be Bad.” The petition was created by Levi Shumway, Brian Powell, and a few of their friends. As of April 23, the petition has a total of over 160 signatures. This is equivalent to about 21% of the school.
Kennady Christensen, a seventh grader here at Fremont, said, “I think it is a good way for us students to get a say in how the school is run.”
On the other hand, Cadence Gouge said, “By making our school motto don’t be bad, it makes our school sound like it is full of misbehaved kids. It also makes our school sound like a detention center. That is why I say NO!”
Dylan Lowe, an eighth grader, said, “It sounds good. It will help change kids attitudes towards school and make school funner.”
Our student body has different opinions on this new petition, as these three students have shown. The teachers and staff are also full of different opinions. For example, Mr Tate said, “I love your initiative.”
However, not all of the teachers feel this way. For example, Mrs Ledford said, “I think that ‘Don’t Be Bad’ is too general.”
So, there are many different opinions about changing the school motto to “Don’t Be Bad.” I will leave it up to the students decide whether or not they want to support changing the school motto. Also, always remember, “Don’t Be Bad!”