Dress code for boys

Catelynrose Hardin, Section Reporter

It’s impossible to dress code a guy for wearing a tank top, sleeveless sports jerseys, or shorts. However, I think it is unfair that girls are more likely to get dress coded than guys. In USA TODAY, Lisa Frack, a president of the Oregon chapter of the National Organization said, ”A lot of people have a problem with how girls dress these days — they think it’s too sexualized.” Not everything girls wear connects to that. Boys can wear the shortest shorts and still not get dress coded, if it is sexualized or not.
Boys can show their shoulders, too, and not be known as a distraction, while for girls they are considered a distraction. Boys are not the only people who can get distracted from showing off “too much” skin, girls can get distracted, too. If students are in class, no one should focus on what a student is wearing. Instead students should focus on what they are learning and teachers should focus on what they are teaching. It would be that person’s fault if they get distracted.
Joshua Huntley and Isaac Veale both wore short shorts, and Joshua Huntley said, ”I think it is the same; I’ve seen girls wore short shorts.” Kaitlyn Nunley wore a dress that wasn’t even that short and she still got dress coded, but we all seen something different and have different opinions on it. The dress code may be sexist and more strict against girls than guys, but I really do think that it is unbalanced. Although there is one thing that we can all agree on, that no one should wear see-through clothing to school.