Drill Changes

Isaac Webb, Section Reporter

So we’ve had some changes on our fire drills this year compared to last year because last year we had some problems with our procedures. One of those issues was not knowing where to go at a fire drill when not in a class. We’ve obviously fixed this by now, but in the past we’ve had problems with having fire drills during lunch or before school starts and not knowing where to go.
The school fixed this problem by always having students go to their first period teacher during fire drills. Another thing we do is test our fire drill every month; that way we shouldn’t have a problem with our fire alarms or other drill systems.
I personally feel like it’s a good thing that we test the systems once a month that way we are always prepared in case of a real emergency.
Another problem we had in the past was having problems with the fire alarms going off when there isn’t a fire because of the smoke detectors. They fixed this by fixing the smoke detectors themselves. I’m glad they fixed this because imagine your having a fun time in art and then the smoke detectors go off and you miss most of the class.
There was also an unexpected fire drill on November 26th, and not even the teachers knew! The new systems we created made the fire drill easy for everyone so the fire drill wasn’t too stressful. I feel like the changes Fremont decided to make are good how they are and do not cause any problems or concerns.