Eighth Grade Football

Layla Serrato and Taegan O'Reilly

This year’s 8th grade Fremont team has played a long, hard season. There are 32 boys on this year’s team and they’ve had  a rollercoaster of winnings. Here’s what some of the players have to say about their experience playing football for Fremont.

 Oscar Stribbling is one of the many athletes playing on the eighth grade team. Stribbling has been playing football for four years and really enjoys it. He wishes to pursue football in highschool and hopes to get on varsity. In Stribbling’s opinion, the most memorable moment so far was when his team won 28-0. He felt super proud of his team.  

Landen Hodges is also is on the team. He plays quarterback and wide receiver. Landen has been playing football since the 4th grade.  At one of their previous games, the score was 0-0 . The team worked really hard, but it was Landen who won the game with a touchdown. “I felt good, our entire team worked together and really hard and we ended up winning!” He hasn’t decided if he wants to continue playing football in high school.

 Like many of his teammates, Dylan Bradfield says that scoring a touchdown is his favorite part of playing. Bradfield has been playing football for five years, and hopes to play football as long as he can. Preparing for a game is just as important as the game itself.  When Bradfield was asked what he does to prepare for a game, his response was “ I hype myself with music.”  

Tyler DeMers plays defensive tackle and middle linebacker. This is Tyler’s first year playing football, when asked why he started playing he replied “because I thought it would be fun and I can hit people legally.’’DeMers’ wants to play football through High School and hopefully, beyond that. Tyler makes sure he is well rested the night before a game.