Exercise Guide

Carmen Felgentrager, Editor-in-Chief

People try to target different parts of their body to tone and get more muscle on their body including their arms, legs, glutes, and stomach. There are many exercises that target these different parts of the body, but here are some of the best.

Men and women both work hard to get muscular arms or big biceps and an effective way of doing this is pullups. Pull ups are upper-body compound pulling exercise. According to Mik Mejia, a New York based strength and conditioning specialist, “You can load your biceps with a lot more weight on a chin up than you can on a curl.”

Lunges are a good exercise for strengthening and building more muscle on your legs.They improve balance, improve core stability, and boosts hip flexibility.

Everyone wants a toned muscular gluteus maximus. Squats are the best way of getting  results. Fitnessblender.com says, “Squats are a great way to build muscle which is a great way to reduce body fat; over time, the lower body will lean out, but the change in body composition means that your overall metabolism will be faster and it also leads to a change in shape as well; the thighs will become more toned and the glutes will be lifted, more firm, and the glutes will appear more shapely.

Abs are something people that work out really strive for. The best way of seeing results is mountain climbers. Mountain climbers boost mobility, boosts heart rate, tones muscles, and helps to be able to do everyday activities safely and efficiently.