Extra Elective: Good or Bad!

 Leah Morris, Section Reporter



It’s a new year with new classes and a new period for an extra elective. Some students like the new schedule for the shorter class periods. Others like it, because they get another period to do something that they like to do. I like it, because I get to do the three electives that I love.

The extra elective period gives students another period to relax and do something they chose to do. It is nice to have three electives, but does this affect our learning? I mean, doesn’t it? There are shorter class periods now, and that means less time to learn.

Although the extra elective means less class time, students at Fremont like it, so I don’t think anything is going to change. Plus, with the extra elective period comes the need for more elective choices. Modern issues is one new elective taught by Mr.Hoque, and from what I’m hearing it’s a pretty good one. Another elective is Creative Writing taught by Mrs. Martin.

So in all, this year we get less class time (which is a yay), more elective choices (another yay) and three electives. I think we have come to a conclusion. Extra elective period,YAY!