Faith of Eighth


Kaia Edwards, Section Editor

Since the second semester has started, many eighth graders are considering their last months in middle school. The switch from eighth grade to freshman year seems very stressful, and students are handling it in different ways. Some have joined clubs, like FBLA, that can help them prepare for highschool, and then college. Some eighth grade students, like Alice Graham, have been preparing in other ways. Alice is an overachieving student at Fremont. She says, “I have been preparing not only for highschool, but to get into my dream college.” Alice is eager and destined for a bright future. She has been researching different colleges suited to her desired major. This preparation is not for everyone, because everyone composes plans differently. 

    Some eighth graders are not only excited, but also frightened for high school. Mckenzie Castillo-Herrera explains that she is “excited to go into high school and make new friends, but how big the new school is seems overwhelming.” Some people, like Mckenzie, might not be as anxious to graduate middle school as others. It is okay to have mixed feelings about the future. However, preparation and togetherness is a must have for this year’s eighth grade graduates. 

   Because students construct ideas of high school in different ways, it might be a good idea to make one generalization of how eighth graders can be ready. Talking to counselors, and teachers, here at Fremont before the year ends is an excellent way to get ready. Counselors and teachers can guide you and explain what we need to expect going into high school. Parents or guardians are also people that you can turn to. Those around you that have already experienced the change might help ease the transition. Though it is stressful, this change will be an obstacle that sets the path for our futures.