Fremont Basketball.

Emma Pulliam, Section Reporter

Because of COVID19, the Fremont basketball season has faced some changes. Students were able to play basketball at Fremont with some stipulations.

Fremont coach Tyler Yutzie stated “Players worked hard and improved in the short season. The season went well, even though games were cut shorter.” There are many attributes to a good basketball player, Coach Yutzie proclaimed “Team player, coachable, hard worker, disciplined make a good basketball player.”

Since the pandemic practices at Fremont have stayed the same timewise. Though the Fremont basketball team now plays 20-minute games instead of a 4 quarter game, games also must be placed on Saturdays.

According to Coach Yutzie “The high point of the season so far was winning our first game on May 22nd against Sutherlin.” One of the most important things to teach his players is how to work as a team and trust one another.