Fremont Football in the time of COVID19

Skylar Knox, Editor-in-Cheif

This year, to adjust to Covid-19 restrictions, the Fremont Middle School Football team will be playing flag football. They will start playing their games soon. Evan Hendry, one of the football coaches, said, “It was just announced that we will have a different style of football for this upcoming season.”
The football players at Fremont will not be wearing their usual attire. “This is my first year coaching Fremont Middle School for the football team here and I was kind of watching from a distance last year on how the seventh and eighth graders ran practice. A big difference that I am noticing right now is us not wearing padding,” said Hendry.
Another significant difference in this season from the last is the time of year they are playing. Hendry said, “Another big thing is, we’re playing football right now at a different time of the year, and it’s a lot colder. Those things are gonna play a factor in how things are done. We have other sports coming up too so some of our multi-sport athletes are gonna be doing a lot of activity so we’ll see how that affects them moving forward. We’re all super happy to have a season at all this year.”
Players will be taking steps to prevent spreading Covid-19 including being required to wear masks on the field. “They will have to wear masks, and right now for the football team as well, it looks like they’re gonna be wearing mouthpieces as well underneath their masks because once again that’s going to hopefully prevent concussions and other injuries.” Hendry added, “There will not be tackles, there will be collisions that are gonna happen in flag football. I’ve coached this at the college level and played it at the college level contact will happen.”
There will be a shorter season with less travel. However, there will be about the same amount of games. Hendry said, “There will be some travel but from what the information was given to us, there will be home games and it sounds like all of our other games will be played at high school stadiums on their turf fields. We’ll have relatively the same amount of games compared to a regular season, it’s just it will be a shorter amount of time playing those games. We’ll be playing two games on Saturday so I’m thinking that’s gonna make up for all the other games.”
Hendry feels that it is crucial for kids to play sports saying, “I’ve always thought sports are extremely important for students and kids growing up due to a lot of things that go with it like socialization working as a team well and that’s just me coming from playing team sports my entire life. For those that do individual sports, from what I’ve heard, there is a commitment, determination and ultimately working as a unit and in a team as well. They’re competing as a school but competing individually on the floor. There are a lot of, great things that come with it and for me growing up it brought me closer to my mom.”
Hendry was pushed towards being a coach. He said, “I’ve had that coaches in the past kind of tell me “You’re great at what you do, you just have something about you that makes you a coach.” When I was in school, and even when I was in college having other great coaches that have been in my life kind of pushed me towards that and kind of mentored me through the process. It kind of just came to me and since then it’s been a wonderful journey doing coaching.”
Coaching has been very enjoyable for Hendry. “There was one reason why I got into coaching. After my first time actually doing it, I was coaching my little brother’s hockey team, I just realized I had a lot of knowledge that I wanted to give back and that’s kind of continued ever since. I’ve always wanted to teach students and teach coaching. As I got older, I just wanted to pass down that knowledge and hopefully benefit others in the ways that it benefited me,” he said.
Optimism is going to be the way to go for the FMS football team. Hendry said, “Positive thinking, moving forward, that’s gonna be the way to go on. There might be some collisions, there might be some sprained ankles, and other leg injuries. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, injuries are always a huge factor when it comes to these sports. Right now, we don’t have any pressing concerns we’re just excited to move forward and excited to start playing.”
Coach Hendry is really looking forward to this season saying, “I’m looking forward to seeing our athletes compete and seeing some newer athletes and newer players come out that are now training with us. I am excited to see how they do on the field. I’m excited to see where we stack up amongst all the other kids around our area. I’m excited about the competition that’s gonna come with it and the enthusiasm. It is gonna be great.”
If you want to play football, play football! Hendry said, “If you are still interested in wanting to come out and participate, come out, participate, we’re gonna start competing and start playing starting next week. So if you’ve been on the fence about wanting to come out and play and participate with us, please come out. Of one of us coaches will get you in the mix, it’s great to have a lot of kids out there playing and competing. That’s what we’ll make us better and make this team grow.”