Fremont is Coming to School Full Time

Hayden Weir, Section Reporter

At Fremont, we are coming to school almost full-time next week. On May 10, 7th and 8th-grade students will either come to school 4 days a week or stay fully remote online. Your classes will be filled with many more students and the hallways will be more clustered than ever. Personally, I liked hybrid because I did the work and was done with class. I could hang out with friends or play until my next class. When you are at school, you can’t just leave when you are done with work, however. This change is for the better, but not all students will like it.

The problem is that more kids in the classroom could lead to Covid cases because teenagers and kids aren’t immune to Covid. It’s just less likely for them to test positive after being in contact with someone who has the virus.

Some kids had friends who were on A day while they were on B-day or vice versa and they couldn’t really talk with them. Now that we are back four days a week, friends are reunited.

Bailey Wilcox says that “It’s good and bad [being in school full time] because I have to come every day but I get to see my friends.” She also says “I think we [school] will be basically back to normal, maybe we might still need to wear masks.”

I think this change is great because it is yet another step in getting back to a world without Covid and life back to normal.