Fremont’s Holiday Drives


Kristy Frickey, Section Reporter

Not only is Fremont’s Leadership having a canned food drive, but NJHS is also having a toy drive.  First I will talk about the Fremont food drive.

The UCan Fremont food drive is where you donate canned food or money to our community. The leadership class is a huge participant in this food drive. Our food drives feed people in the community which means people who go to this school as well. The food drive began November 22nd and ends December 15th. 

You bring your donations to your first period teacher any school day. They get collected in the afternoon by Leadership. Not only is the point of this to donate to help, but Fremont wants their kids to do something nice without expecting anything in return. 

Now let’s talk about the NJHS Toy Drive. The toy drive started on November 29th and is going to end on December 15th. Students can bring any new toys, books, and stuffed animals to donate. If you do decide to donate, bring them to Ms. Chasteen’s room, room 24. All Donations will go to children in Douglas County.