Friday Night Funkin’ Updates and Releases

Estelle Smith, Section Reporter

Friday Night Funkin’ is a relatively new single-player action and rhythm game that came out November first of last year thanks to its developer and publisher, ninjamuffin99. It has become increasingly popular over 2021, and its fan base continues to grow. The game can be found all over social media and people are obsessed with its Flash Game-inspired look.
In Friday Night Funkin’ you play as a character simply named “Boyfriend”. The objective is you, Boyfriend, have to compete in singing contests against opponents so you can date the love interest, Girlfriend. In the contest, you try to mimic the opponent’s notes at the right time, without running out of health. As you are winning, the green part of the bar at the bottom of the screen will push the red bar further to the left. The game has difficulty levels, and seven current stages to complete. These stages are called “weeks”.
Friday Night Funkin’ (as the official game) is only available on Browser, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux but because of its popularity, a full version is being planned for release sometime in 2022. There are also mobile games based entirely on FNF for players without PCs. Expect more updates and maybe even more weeks added to the game in the near future.