Genetically Modified Babies?

Ben Hill, Section Editor

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Babies: they are the future of mankind. Babies are sweet and cute, but also fragile. What if you could have the ability to make them strong, intelligent, and wise? Though it may seem impossible, it is a real possibility. CRISPR (short for “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats”) is what is responsible for editing human genes. CRISPR is a short sequence of RNA (ribonucleic acid) that matches the genes that a scientist wants to modify in the human body. The researchers at the university of Sun Yat-sen have experimented, modifying embryos. They Started the test with 86 embryos, and waited three days for the DNA to change. After three days, 71 were left.

The complete procedure only worked on 28 of the embryos, and the experiment would have to be closer to a 100% success rate to be used on non-test subjects. Though cool “superpowers” do seem exciting, this does cause speculation, like why would you want to change the DNA of your child to make them better? Do you really want to put them through a bunch of experiments just to make them a bit healthier? Some people would want to, but most do not. If there was a child who did not go through the experiment and one who did, who do you think would be more dominant? The child who has extra abilities! This is exactly why people don’t want this to happen. And plus, it isn’t a guaranteed success either.

Being healthy and having no flaws is nice, but having some flaws is what makes us human. Genetic coding on humans might be a new trend or style at some point in the future, but remember that having a mixed variety of children with special abilities alongside children who are “normal,” would just cause more problems such as bullying and other abusive behavior. But that isn’t always true, because from what i’ve seen, children mostly get along.

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Genetically Modified Babies?