Girl’s Basketball


McKenzie Castillo-Herrera, Section Reporter

Girls basketball is back this year. There’s actually lots of girls who have started playing basketball this year. Mr. Tate and Ms. Mackenzie are coaches. All seventh blue graders play Monday and Tuesday. Eighth graders play Wednesday and Thursday. Gold team is the same. I have interviewed  one of the girls from 8th grade basketball. Her name is Leikeishauwntey Botley, her pronouns are she/her and she is 13 years old. 

The first question I asked her is, “What made you join basketball?” She responded, “My mom always wanted me to join basketball and so I wanted and needed to join it.” I think this is a way to have fun after school. My second question was, “what’s your favorite thing about basketball?” She said, “Mostly the team and how we have fun.” That’s amazing because having a relationship with your teammates is a memory to keep forever. My third question is “what’s your least favorite thing about basketball?” Keisha said “The team..”  Yes, we may get mad at our teammates sometimes but it’s worth it in the long run. My last question was who is your coach? Her couch is Ms. Pritchett. Ms. Pritchett is one of the many coolest P.E teachers we have. In my opinion she’s always happy, fun and active. 

The next person I interviewed was River Wecks. She is a 7th grader. Her pronouns are She/Her. I had asked her the same questions as Keisha. What is your favorite thing about basketball? She had said “The team is mainly my favorite thing.” Teamwork is everything. What’s your least favorite thing about basketball? “Mm well not many things I mainly like it there’s nothing that i don’t like about basketball”. Who is your couch? “My couch is Ms. Mackenzie” She is a great coach from what is said about all the girls. That is all the questions I had asked Keisha and River. I am so proud in earnest for all the girls they did so well in this season and I wish them more good luck.