Gluten free cafeteria food

Kennady Christensen, Section Reporter

A lot of people get school lunches, and a lot of people don’t. But has anyone thought about why some people don’t get lunches? Yes, some students just prefer to bring their own lunches, but a lot of others have allergies, making school lunch not an option.

There are a lot of allergies that people can avoid when they get a hot lunch, but some ingredients, like gluten, are unavoidable. What happens when people with allergies accidentally leave their lunch at home? They have a choice; they can either get in the lunch line to see what there is, or they can just skip lunch. If they choose to go see what there is, they notice that the only thing they can eat is salad, which isn’t that bad, but some people just don’t like salad.

So in order to give them more choices, there should be more gluten-free selections. A small section with gluten-free options would be helpful. A few types of food that can be gluten-free and can taste good are pizza, sandwiches, cookies, and salad.

Many people might think that there is no point to this because the people with allergies should be more responsible, but it is not just lunch, it is also breakfast. Not everyone has time for breakfast in the morning before school, so they go and get breakfast at school. Some people with allergies also don’t have time for breakfast at home, so depending on what they are allergic to, they might have to skip breakfast.

So, shouldn’t there be more gluten-free choices, so people won’t have to skip breakfast? Here are some examples of easy, gluten-free breakfast foods: eggs, cereal, and oatmeal (to name a few). I know that having to make gluten-free and non-gluten free food would be kind of hard, but it would be worth it.