Go Big or Go Home

Elena Familio, Section Reporter

The men’s first basketball game ever played was December 21, 1891, which was 127 years ago in Springfield, Massachusetts. Basketball is a game played by two different teams of five players, and the goal is to get the ball into the hoop more than the other team in order to win. If a player get five fouls they can’t play any more of that single game and it is called “fouling out.” Most of the time, fouling is bad, because players don’t ever want to get five fouls. A main goal is to make 3-pointers, but this takes a lot of practice to do and you need to have lots of power.

Another major thing in basketball is a jump ball, which starts the game off. It’s when a one player from each team comes to the middle of the court and jump up to throw the ball to their team when the ref blows the whistle. There are multiple other rules too, but they don’t count for both boys and girls, because girls basketball is more physical and they’re more aggressive than men.

7th Grade Girls Gold Basketball Roster: Mallory Altermatt, Lydia Chasteen, Mikyla Cunningham, Cecelia Meier, Kaitlyn Nunley, Emma O’Grady, Symone Rust, Addison Scalf, and Brooklyn Wilson.

7th Grade Girls Blue Basketball Roster: Ashley Bolen, Makayla Cardoza, Taylor Coates, Elena Familio, Haven Frable, Kianna Gordon, Abigail Hayes, Alexandra Hernandez, Hanna Rogers, Gabriella Wood.

Makayla Cardoza said, “I have played basketball four years and I play it because it’s fun. I am a point guard.” Makayla is on the 7h grade blue team and they lost their first game to Sutherlin by 10 points. The team won their second game and they played Coffenberry.

Addison Scalf and Mikyla Cunningham said “We play basketball because it’s fun and we love to shoot.” They have both played for two years. Mikyla and Addison are tall so they can jump for rebounds, but they also have super good ball handling skills so they are good point guards.