Goodbye to Old TVs

Isaac Webb, Section Reporter

Personally, I’m tired of the old TVs at Fremont. I mean honestly, do we really have a good use for them? Sure we could use them to hold stuff or to put stuff on like a Plot Mountain drawing like Mrs. Martan does in her classroom, but other than those things we don’t have a real use for them, here’s some reasons why we need to take them down.

One reason we need to take them down is that we have no practical use for the TVs.

Fremont used to have a television studio that we used to broadcast news and announcements  to the TVs. However, that studio transformed into the literacy library, so we can’t even broadcast videos on to them anymore.

Another problem with the TVs is they use a VCR player, so we can’t use discs. The old TVs don’t have  HDMI ports. Instead they use old wires. Another problem is that the TVs can be a hazard, such as when Mr.Weber hit his head on one last year. If one fell, it could hurt someone.

Now, if a teacher has an old VCR movie that related to their

subject, we could watch that movie on the old TVs.

However, that teacher could just download it or buy it online, so we still don’t need the old TVs.

Overall I just think we need to get rid of the old TVs because we don’t have a very good

use for them.  It may cost some money to get them removed but the school could do a fundraiser

for the money needed because these TVs are a bother and may cause troubles for students, teachers or the school itself, but overall that’s just my opinion.