Halloween Dance!


V Vassar and Rocco Brand

On October 28th, Fremont had a school dance. It was a Halloween-themed dance that went from 4:30-pm to 6:30pm Many kids went from grades 6th to 8th. People weren’t let in until 5:00, 30 minutes after the dance was scheduled to start. This caused the line to go all the way into the parking lot. There were a lot of matching costumes, such as army men, avocado and toast, and the angel and devil. At the dance there were some common costumes, some of them being witches, plague doctors, angels, sharks, and demons. Some of the more interesting and exciting costumes included banana man, ice cream, bacon, and avocados. 

At the dance they played many fun songs, some of them being: Sweet Home Alabama; by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Shake It Off; by Taylor Swift, Take On Me; by a-ha, Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler, Heatwaves by Glass Animals, and lastly, Cha Cha Slide; by DJ Casper.  More people walked around than danced, though the majority did dance to Cha Cha Slide.

Towards the end of the dance everything started to get a bit more relaxed. It was a fun dance and a lot of people came. We think a lot of people would do it again and many were respectful and kind. To sum it up, a decent amount of people came, they played alright songs, and the majority of people had a good time.