“Heart Attacks”


Willow Kateley and Kaila Nunley, Section Reporters

Fremont has been experiencing many “heart attacks!” The DLC (Developmental Learning Center) class has been doing projects. Ms. Hall said “My students have started an activity in 6th period, that they call “heart attacks”. These letters that they write are on a heart, which is where they get the name “heart attack.”  

Walking with this wonderful group of children was very fun. They all seemed very sweet and full of joy! It was fun watching them get ready and seeing how excited they were. Samuel Sinclair and Jonathan McKnight both wanted their pictures taken and kept saying “Smile! I want a picture! Smile!” Sam was also very excited to share his art with us. These children are very energetic and love to get out and share their love with the staff here at Fremont.

The loving students that make up the Heart Attack Squad are Ayden Huntley, Duane Lee, Jonathan McKnight, Joshua Roebuck, Balkaran Sandhu, Samuel Sinclair, Izabella Spillers, and Maxo Young. Their teacher, Ms.Hall, and their wonderful instructional assistants, Brie McComb, Sherry Olander, Caryn Ramsey, Jodi Rynearson, Herman Seaborn, and Thomas Welker, put together activities like this one where the students go on an adventure. The children that are placed in the class are the most special people we have here at Fremont.