Holiday School Store!


Kristy Frickey, Section Reporter

From December 6th to December 10th there is going to be a holiday school store. If you don’t already know, there is a normal school store where you can purchase items with tokens. You can access the school store by going to PBIS rewards on clever. All you have to do is select “Schools store” and there it is. This year, for the holiday store, they are adding many cool items that you can buy.  The main point of this is to purchase the items and gift it to another person whether it’s for a family member or a friend.

I decided to ask Mrs. Howington some questions as well. One thing I asked was if she could tell me something that would be in the holiday school store. She said, “Every year for the holiday school store there are Dutch Bros cards.” If you are wondering how these items are going to be shipped they are being shipped by help of the Yearbook committee, and Mr. Tate

The items on the school store are obviously going to cost tokens, depending on the item. If the item is bigger it will cost more. The items usually cost about 15 or more tokens, so start saving up. If you don’t know how to get tokens you get them by being good. If a teacher notices that, they will give you usually 5-10 tokens on your clever page but it depends on your teacher.

Remember that items are going to be out of stock fast but might be refilled so maybe check up on your item every once in a while if gone.