How Can You Make Money As A Young Teen?

Kaia Edwards, Section Editor

 As summer nears, some eighth and seventh graders are probably wondering how they can make money at their age. Since we are getting older, we are starting to get the urge to rely on only ourselves for things like clothing, small desires, and even food. Although our parents are responsible for our wants and needs until we are 18, it is beneficial to start providing for yourself before you’re completely independent. So, how are you supposed to get the money to provide for yourself? Well, at age 14, there are multiple occupations available. Yes, these jobs are minimum wage. However, because we are still at such a young age, the money will compound quickly because we do not have to cut it to pay for bills, gas, or any sort of “need.” 

   Jobs are available for 14 year olds such as OMSI museum helper, McDonald’s employee, camp counselor, ice cream scooper, and the list goes on. Although the age requirement varies for official paying jobs, there are also alternatives. Mowing and tending lawns, babysitting, house-sitting, dog walking, and offering assistance for other simple tasks.

   As we are maturing, it is important that we prepare ourselves for the difficulty having a job brings. Though some may want to wait a few years before starting their first job, the option is always there.