How Smoke and Fires Affected Us As a School

Kaia Edwards, Section Reporter

         How did the smoke and fires from this summer affect your daily life here at Fremont Middle School? Many students here at Fremont state that the smoke from fires made it difficult to focus and hard to breathe. Another way in which many at Fremont were affected is by being in sports. Sports practices and possibly games were being cancelled from the bad air quality. As an athlete, I know how frustrating this can be. Even though it was an annoying situation, it was necessary for the health of the athletes and coaches. 

    An interview with Mrs. Waite- Taggart also tells us that teachers have also noticed an increase in irritable emotions and tendencies. Mrs. Taggart explains that “students are more agitated on days that the air quality is bad.” She says that students are more short tempered with their peers, and teachers, when smoke has affected our area. Not only have the students been affected, but teachers are having difficulty focusing on their own work with the struggle of air quality.  Teachers are also having trouble getting students to focus with the smoke. This is because of the bad smell it causes, and the poor breathing situations. 

  What are teachers doing to better the work environment for their students? 

Most teachers, as you’ve probably noticed, have been taking some small measures to make sure our experiences at Fremont are still relatively enjoyable. Many have been lenient about allowing students to use the restroom or get water during these difficult times. 

  How have we personally been affected? 

Most students and staff will tell you that the smoke and fires have not affected them at home as much as at school, but not all. Some of the students and teachers might know someone, or even be someone who had to evacuate their own home this summer. Mrs. Waite- Taggart was kind enough to explain her own personal experience with the fires. Her own father is a teacher at another school in a place that was affected greatly. Lots of the students at her father’s school had to evacuate their homes. She states that 65% of the students at her father’s school lost their homes. Along with that, Mrs. Waite- Taggart tells us that her family in Medford also had to evacuate. While this tragedy is sickening, I hope personally that the families and people who were at risk are now safe and overcoming this summer’s devastation. I also hope that the students here at Fremont will take precautions regarding fire safety for this year and especially next summer. Stay safe and stay happy.