I-Ready Testing

Brian Powell, Section Editor

What is the i-Ready test? This test is designed to allow teachers know exactly where their students level of learning is in math and language arts. The test is also designed to be non-stressful and encouraging. It allows students to take a couple of questions, then play an interactive game as a break from the stress.
The i-Ready test results come back almost instantly. Comparing to the Smarter Balanced test which can take several months to complete the grading of the test, the i-Ready test grades the test within minutes. This is mostly because the i-Ready test is a multiple choice only test and does not require a human to grade written responses.
Mrs. Broussard, the i-Ready test coordinator, believes that the i-Ready test is age appropriate for middle schoolers. As the test coordinator, Mrs. Broussard monitors the scheduling of tests with the teachers and makes sure that every student finishes their test. She estimates the average student takes about an hour and a half to complete one i-Ready math or language arts test.
So, the question everyone’s been waiting for: why did we do the i-ready test this year? We used the i-ready test so teachers would know where to challenge their students, what classes students should take in middle school, and where to potentially place students in high school. The i-Ready test is all about finding the student’s level of ability and helping them succeed in the future.