Importance of Responsibility

Isaac Webb, Opinion

Responsibility is a star value. Without responsibility, the school would be crazy!

For example, without responsibility there wouldn’t be fun classes like art or drama, because no one could be trusted. Being responsible means someone can act independently and make positive decisions without authorization.  Without responsibility, everyplace would be a mess, and everything would be super boring. We’d probably not even get free time during lunch.We wouldn’t get to use our phones, play games or do anything fun. If our school didn’t have responsibility, someone might make a mess or break something, blame it on someone else and then that person who got blamed gets in trouble!

Some people who are responsible are Catelynrose Hardin and Symone Rust. An

example of how Catelyn is responsible is she has many pets which requires lots of responsibility to keep them all healthy and fed. An example of how Symone is responsible is she has to help care for sheep, horses, and her dog which is a lot of animals to take care of and takes a lot of work!

One reason responsibility is important is because it teaches students how to make

the right choice in life and make smart actions. Over all I think that if this school had no responsibility it’d be a boring, less entertaining, friendless building. There’d also be more children purposely missing school, and I think that some parents would take their kids out of school because of it.