Is it better to be a blonde or brunette?

Catelynrose Hardin, Section Reporter

Are blondes really better than brunettes? Many people have said all kinds of reasons why having blonde or brunette hair is better. Well, I am a brunette and I think people with darker hair are better than blondes, and here is why.
When it is summer and it is very hot outside, people with blonde hair don’t have to feel like their hair is on fire. The reason why is because people with darker hair absorb the heat of the sun, but for lighter color hair, they reflect it. The melanin in someone’s hair absorbs and scatters the UV rays keeping them away from cells, but melanin degrades over time, which loses its color. If a person has blonde hair it will turn into a bleached, yellow effect until the melanin grows to replace them.
The color of someone’s hair can affect a person’s health conditions too. Everyday Health says, “The melanocytes, or DNA, that produce hair pigment are controlled by genes that have roles in other processes in the body”. On the website they talk about how health and hair is connected and they mention that brunettes have a lower risk of skin cancer. “In most cases, brunettes tend to have darker complexions than blondes and redheads, which seems to provide some protection from multiple sclerosis.” Dr. Schlessinger says. Sclerosis means abnormal hardening of body tissue, so the general aspect of people with brunette hair or darker hair seem to have protection to not have a high risk of skin cancer, unlike people with blonde hair who do have a higher risk.
There are many blonde stereotypes, like how bubbly and dumb they can be, but that can be proven wrong because it is a myth. Blondes get more attention and they have to be a little cautious with their makeup or it will look like a mess. Brunettes have some stereotypes too, people say that brunettes are more serious and are nerds. A person’s hair color doesn’t describe someone’s personality or actions. If a person chooses to be bubbly or more serious it shouldn’t be based around the color of their hair, but on the situation.
Although there are health benefits with different color hair and stereotypes, many people look good with whatever hair color and hair color doesn’t describe a person’s personality. If a student likes having blonde hair then that’s okay because it goes with their liking, but I personally think being a brunette is better for those reasons.