Is testing good or bad?

Issac Webb, Section Reporter

Is testing good or bad? Personally, I feel like it’s kind of annoying and useless. I mean, who likes doing a test?
I don’t think we should have to do tests. Doing our homework already has us memorize things/learn things. As many people, including our teachers, know, tests cause stress, and having too much stress may cause students to skip through or cheat on those tests. There have even been people who have taken drugs just to try and pass on a test! This stress can also make it so students have trouble with sleeping or doing tasks. “It gives a benchmark to parents and teachers” says Grade Power Learning but, we have to study for these tests which may make us stay up. “ 93% of students uncover a good affect” says, but doing these tests doesn’t help us do better in our classes.
Overall this stress may cause students to do some really bad things. This stress could also cause a panic attack and then, “Surprise!” there’s a pop quiz.
Also these quizzes don’t help young children very much, because most of these tests take away creativity from children and sometimes makes it so that children don’t even want to try! These tests may even make it so that children don’t even want to go to school anymore. Finally, the problem with these tests is that the tests decide what kind of jobs or activities students can do, and the stress may make it so they can’t do things in their life just because they didn’t get enough sleep or can’t make their brains work on one test! This stress can also affect the human body in a lot of bad ways. Overall, these are some reasons that tests are bad and we shouldn’t have to do them.